While admission to Stanford GSB is extremely competitive, veterans make up a substantial and valued part of each MBA class. Every part of your application counts, so do not be discouraged if you feel that you have a relative weak area. Be sure to tell your story and think carefully about why you want an MBA from Stanford. While you might have many questions, here are some commonly asked question topics:


GMAT: The mean GMAT of accepted students into the Class of 2019 was 737 which is currently among the highest in the country. There are definitely a significant number of people in the class with scores under 700, although a higher score increases your competitiveness. If possible, try to set aside a block of time to study for the exam. The GMAT is absolutely a test that everyone can do well on with the right mindset and dedication. 

Essays: The first one is always the same, "What matters most to you and why?" Essays are certainly an extremely important aspect of your GSB application. GSB's admissions leadership is focused on cultivating a certain culture here and definitely values sincerity and openness in these essays: something that comes off as a "what they want to hear" essay won't do well. Be sincere, and be yourself, particularly on the first question.

Recommenders: Make sure you pick people who know you well and will be great advocates for you, i.e. the officer you work for directly is better than a general/admiral (unless of course you worked directly for one as an aide). Make sure she or he 'shows' and doesn't 'tell' about your accomplishments. This means they should include stories that demonstrate why you are a great leader as opposed to just saying you are one.

Campus Visit: Definitely stay in touch with us if you plan to visit the campus. The admissions office does not give any preference to applicants who visit the campus but do let them know that you are scheduling a visit so that you can go to an admissions brief and visit classes. If you let us know in advance of your visit, we'll try to have you accompany a vet to class and possibly meet with some vets outside of class.

Interviews: The GSB's interviews are by invitation only, so it is common for applicants to get stressed out while waiting to hear back from the school between submitting their application and the notification date. We tell applicants that all they can do at that point is be ready for the interview - the invitations come pretty spread out across that the interview window, so while it's obviously a relief to hear early, some people have been invited in the last week before the notification date and had to interview on short notice.

Veteran Presence: Stanford has trended towards about 2-3% veterans in each class of approximately 415. Specific numbers from each branch/country of service vary slightly each year but generally remain similar year to year.

Financial Aid: Stanford GSB will meet a percentage of demonstrated financial need and is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon program. The exact amount of funding you may receive through the financial aid office and the VA is dependent on your financial situation and your level of GI Bill eligibility.


For more information, visit the GSB Admissions Office website.