The Stanford GSB Veterans Club is a small but tight knit community composed of about 27 U.S. veterans and 11 international veterans representing the countries including Israel, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India, and the United Kingdom.

The MBA Class of 2018 has 14 US veterans and 5 international veterans.  The MBA Class of 2019 has 13 US veterans and 6 international veterans. The MBA Class of 2020 has 9 US veterans. Specific service breakouts vary from year to year, but there is generally representation from each branch in each class.

Each GSB class is incredibly diverse, with about 40% of students from international/non-U.S. backgrounds, and many from non-traditional professional backgrounds.  Veterans play an important part in this overall community and also benefit greatly from it. Our student club activities tend to focus on building community and helping veterans transition from the military (some stay reserves or active duty while at Stanford, but many are fully separated).  Each fall, we hold a Weekend Retreat for veterans in the mountains of Santa Cruz and stay in touch throughout the term with regular social events.  Around Veterans Day, we host our "Whiskey & War Stories" small group military-civilian outreach program.  Additionally, Stanford regularly provides access to perspectives from the world's most influential leaders (a sampling of one quarter's speakers include: James Mattis, Condi Rice, Hank Paulson, Jamie Dimon, Penny Pritzker, and others).

We are also active in the broader Stanford community.  Each May we host our annual Military Service Appreciation Dinner where we acknowledge veterans for their public service and present the Service & Leadership Award Previous honorees include:

2018 - Zoe Dunning, MBA '93                                                                     
2017 - Linda Huber, MBA '86                                                                         2016 - Timothy P. Sullivan, MBA '89
2015 - Bret Comolli, MBA '89
2014 - Steve Denning, MBA '78
2013 - George P. Shultz, Former Secretary of State
2012 - Les Denend, MBA '73, PhD '77
2011 - Paul "Bud" Bucha, MBA '67
2010 - Professor Charles A. O'Reilly III
2009 - Professor Jack McDonald, MBA '62

This past year our club connected veterans with potential future employers. Each year, we have sponsored treks to visit local tech companies including Google, Facebook, Palantir, and Pinterest. We additionally host events such as a "Vets in Venture Capital" panel where local VCs have lunch with our club to discuss careers in venture capital.

Our club is also actively involved with assisting applicants. Please let us know if you plan on visiting the GSB campus, and we can help get you into a class visit and make sure you meet some of our vets.